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At Reefer Rental, we provide specialized transport refrigeration equipment for your leasing needs.

Reefer Rental LTD. is the only leasing company offering Dual Reefer Containers for the transport of hazardous or dangerous cargo and Explosion-Proof Reefer Containers for use in hazardous locations.

Redundant Refrigerated Container w. Back-up Power Supply Model NMR-262&NMG-115

Dual Reefer Container - Two Reefer Units & Integral Power Supply

Reefer Rental’s Dual Reefers Containers have two refrigeration systems (primary and back-up). The refrigeration unit automatically switches to its back-up in the case of a loss of performance or system failure to provide the ultimate peace of mind when shipping dangerous or valuable cargo.

Our Dual Reefer Containers are used to transport chemicals, pharmaceuticals, dangerous goods, and other cargo requiring the extra protection of two refrigeration units. This type of dual equipment has been provided to major chemical and pharmaceutical companies around the world for nearly 30 years.

Explosion-Proof Refrigerated Container Model PFR-571 ZII-II

Explosion-Proof Refrigerated Container

Reefer Rental’s Explosion-Proof Reefer Container was designed for operation in hazardous locations like oil rigs and chemical manufacturing companies.

The unit complies with the ATEX Directive 94/9/EC level of Ex II 3 G, Group IIA, which was developed by the European Commission of Enterprise and Industry and European Standardization Organizations to establish guidelines on equipment used in potentially explosive atmospheres.

All evaporator section components (since this section is in direct contact with the cargo area) and all external parts are explosion-proof.


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